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Library Staff Expand on The Potter Customer Experience

When I posted my previous article on Harry Potter, I was focused on the more traditional commercial channels — from the author who consistently has delighted everyone with her story-telling to the publishers and bookstores who market the books.

I failed to see another big channel for books — the nation’s public libraries.

They too apparently recognize the responsibility for extending a perfect customer experience for Potter fans.

Here’s a post from "Something New Every Day" — a library blog written by an unnamed support services person at a public library in Central Wisconsin.

The wait is over! As of the library opening an hour ago, our customers can check-out their copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The books were made shelf-ready yesterday and kept in a secure area per the agreement. This morning a page arrived at her scheduled time an hour before opening and began checking in the books to catch the holds. She then began calling the customers with the news that a copy is waiting for them. Seven of the 40-some copies are already checked out — within an hour of the library opening!

The magic isn’t that the seven copies checked out so quickly. The magic is that staff pulled together, put in extra effort, took total ownership of getting the books into the hands of customers as soon as possible. One volunteered to come in at midnight, and another volunteered to work on her day off if that’s what was needed. (We didn’t take those extreme measures). They were determined to give our customer’s a great experience!

The best part of this is that those people’s ownership of this project and dedication to providing an excellent customer experience was “business as usual”.

Update – two more copies checked out while I was typing this. Way to go!

With this kind of customer service focus, our nation’s public libraries are in great hands!