How Long Should You Talk?

 Aberdeen has found a useful insight in its most recent survey: Optimizing Your Workforce/Increasing Contact Center Agent Productivity.

The Best in Class Contact Centers spend more time on the phone with their customers than laggards — 47% vs. 6%. It was not long ago that “average call duration” was something the best run contact centers worked hard at reducing.

But get this wrinkle! 

These same windy contact center agents who spend more time with customers have a 48% customer satisfaction rate compared to short-winded laggards who have a 17% customer satisfaction rate. The good agents take time to know the customer and to work hard at resolving customer issues. They know the value that each customer represents to their company and do their best to retain and motivate these customers.

Many of these best contact centers are also investing in technology to make it easier for agents to deliver a great customer experience — such as what is known as a unified agent desktop — a technology that puts the right information about each customer at each agent’s fingertips. That means the agent is not wasting time tracking down information, but instead is talking and listening to the customer more attentively.

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