The Perfect Customer Experience

Turning Satisfied Customers into Advocates – Dale Wolf, Editor

The Perfect Customer Experience - Turning Satisfied Customers into Advocates – Dale Wolf, Editor

Cincom Delivers Suite for Customer Experience Management

By Dale Wolf

If you will pardon me for bragging just a bit on one of the products that I work on, Ventana Research has just released a review of Cincom Synchrony. This is the latest in a string of positive awards and reviews that at least give me personal satisfaction that we are providing a solution that improves the experience for customers who connect with contact centers using our offering. Ventana Research reported: At the heart of Synchrony is what Cincom calls a unified agent desktop. Its basic function is to bring all applications into a single desktop. Cincom’s Unified Agent Desktop saves agents from having to sign on separately to multiple applications and from manually navigating through menus or across applications. By hiding these interfaces, smart tabs and resource links allow agents to concentrate more on their jobs. To read the full Ventana report on how Cincom Synchrony makes it easier for contact center agents to serve customer needs and to deliver a better customer experience — click here. To see first-hand how Synchrony enables agents to improve contact center productivity. If you would like to receive some of the marketing campaigns I help create for Synchrony, send me an email and I will put you on our list. Send your request to dwolf at

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