The Perfect Customer Experience

Turning Satisfied Customers into Advocates – Dale Wolf, Editor

The Perfect Customer Experience - Turning Satisfied Customers into Advocates – Dale Wolf, Editor

The axiom for changing the customer conversation

Conversations can be a lot like watching a game of soccer. Players on two teams run back and forth until someone finally scores. If you do not know the rules and the strategy, the game looks confusing and with no apparent rationale. Just a lot of running around.

When we are in a conversation with a segment of customers, we send messages out. Some break through and cause a response; others just ricochet into oblivion. Such conversations appear to be a lot of running around with no strategy to guide it in a purposeful direction.

A customer calls your customer service line and gets one answer and they go on your website and get an entirely different answer. You send them a statement that is confusing so they call your sales rep. He can’t help because he’s never seen the ... Read More

5 Steps to Operational Excellence; The Cornerstone to Customer Experience

Too much time spent around the water cooler talking about the boss?

A Franklin Covey Survey [1] confirms that most organizations suffer from major “execution gaps” that undermine the achievement of their highest priorities.

Overall, U.S. workers gave their organizations a score of 51 out of 100 for their collective lack of focus on and execution of truly important goals.

These execution gaps result from a combination of factors, including a lack of focus on key goals and a surprising lack of mutual accountability and follow-through.

For example, only 30% of workers plan with their workgroup how to support each other in agreed-upon goals and tasks, and just 19% say their ... Read More

Lead Generation Calls for the Whole Iceberg; Not just the Tip

Any of us in marketing know how the proliferation of broadband and social media, and a whole host of other marketplace and cultural changes have dramatically altered how growing business is harder and harder. A one-medium campaign not likely to be successful. MarketingSherpa data indicates that buyers now find sellers 80% of the time. Buyers enter vendor searches in non-traditional media and sellers frequently do not even know that a particular company is looking for a solution that they provide.

30 years ago, the agency I once ran figured out that the  main reason marketing was getting 2% response rates was timing. The buyer was not yet in the market. If you are not in the market for a product, you will pay very little attention to the marketing. That is when we started using ... Read More