3 Ways to learn customer needs, wants and expectations

Marketers are constantly trying to discover their customers’ needs, wants and expectations, how they buy and what they will pay. Contextual communications are about this and much more.  It is about the oddities, quirks, biases, emotions and sudden, unexpected, impulsive twists in decisions that constitute human behavior. If the choice is presented the right way, people will more predictably make a favorable decision.

  1. Use web surveys, scripted conversations and interactive content to solicit responses that reveal important factors about the customer’s needs, interests, economics, etc.
  2. Use interactive content tracking on your website and e-newsletters to watch what content each customer selects to read. Use this content selection process to build a profile of customer interests so the organization can make future communications increasingly more relevant to each customer.
  3. Use a similar process to identify whether the customer has entered an active buying cycle and determine if the customer is in an early or late stage of this cycle to trigger promotional offers that are relevant to the customer’s purchase readiness.

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