Customer Experience Marketing Makes Buying Easier

“All About Me” kind of content must include the context of individuals, or clusters of similar individuals. Context is the interrelated conditions in which information or activity exists with other situational events that impact decision-making and the final outcome.

All consumption occurs within a context.

The more you understand customer context, the less information customers have to supply to you and the better you can serve them. That’s easier for them and easier for you. One way to get a handle on the context of a buyer is to watch what they do on your website. If you have a good marketing automation system such as Eloqua or one of Eloqua’s competitors, you can analyze their online behavior.

Online context reveals clues about customer interests, behaviors and experiences, etc. – all factors that collectively determine the needs of the customer, as well as help providers offer services to best satisfy those needs. Visitors who behave in a similar fashion are in a similar context. This enables you to launch content and offers to people in a similar contextual situation.

Content is a general term that describes articles, photos, illustrations, diagrams, videos, sounds, promotions, animations, navigational links, functionality and online tools that appear in the web browser view. Contents are contextual when they are personalized to be relevant to each individual visitor’s situation – the visitor’s fine-grained profile of demographics and informational interests, location, timing, needs and decision criteria.

Marketing is contextual when it is made relevant to each individual customer’s situation while also addressing the needs of the sponsoring enterprise (awareness, positioning, qualification, barrier identification, trust, closure).

Customer experience marketing brings customer and seller together so that the customers can make better decisions, faster and easier.

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