Experience will be positive after you establish trust and credibility

As marketing content developers we should keep in mind how our content impacts trust and credibility with prospects, clients, employees and suppliers. Words are important. Buyers are absorbing content from all sorts of places. They evaluate emotionally and rationally if our promises sound true or too good to be true. When we accomplish trust and credibility, our marketing content will drive business.

  • TRUST means that your marketing content conveys that you will work to make the buyer successful.
  • CREDIBILITY comes when your actions follow through with what you promised.

Done well, this will lead to a positive customer experience—one where customers will tell others that they love being associated with your company. Given the openness of social networks, such advocates for your company will spread the word and your reputation as a valuable resource instead of just another vendor.

Keep in mind, however, that B2B buyers can spot a fake from a mile off. They have seen and heard it all a thousand times. They stand alert. False promises can bankrupt your brand. Fake sincerity and you will die by your words. Instead, a sincere commitment based on a deep understanding of your buyers’ aspirations and concerns will enhance your reputation as a trusted adviser.

Parity is broken.

Differentiation is established.

Experience is positive.

Avoid jargon and bells and whistles. Such language always sounds fake and unreliable and communicate you are more interested in selling your solution than in helping the buyer to be successful. Use simple, direct words that clearly communicate what you do and how you create economic value. Use customer testimonials and industry analyst reports to validate your promises. Never slam your competitors. Do what you promise and don’t over-promise. Provide links to your social network profiles. Comment on other blogs. Make it personally relevant wherever you can.

Keep all your marketing content contextually relevant to your buyer personas. The key is to focus on the needs and wants of the customer. Contextual content marketing drives business because it builds credibility and trust. Credibility occurs when buyers understand you have the knowhow and credentials to support your brand promise.  Trust happens when buyers believe you. They will buy from you when they are convinced that you can really help them. That’s when your content will drive more business.

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