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This blog, now in its seventh year of publication, is a leading voice urging organizational leaders to focus on delivering the perfect customer experience. In this pursuit, we can all get better at serving customers, meeting their needs, and converting them into advocates who help grow business.

Ya know, I’ve been rather fortunate in my life.

My parents worked hard running a neighborhood grocery store as I grew up.  My sister and I never knew we were not rich. Mom and Dad taught me what it is to be entrepreneurial and to do right by others (not that I haven’t made some mistakes along the way). As an acolyte in an Episcopalian church, I led some of the rituals, but more importantly gained a glimmer of God that would blossom as I grew older. I discovered I had a knack for drawing, went to a Saturday morning art class and ended up teaching the class as I got more experience. In high school, I came under the spell of English teacher Miss ‘Kope’ – the best teacher I ever had. She taught me to love writing. I was co-editor of my high school yearbook and surprised everyone in my family when I was named “outstanding senior boy” at graduation. I was the first in our extended family to go to college and landed a job as assistant sports information director for the University of Cincinnati Bearcats when they were in the midst of winning two NCAA basketball championships and missing the third in a row by one last second basket. I was editor of the UC yearbook, won the “zeal award” from my college fraternity and was the weekend night sports editor at The Cincinnati Post. But most important, I met a girl who has been at my side ever since.

Sorry for the long paragraph, but that was the foundation.

Writing, curiosity, and a willingness to work long hours have served me well as I launched into a career in marketing.

When I was 37, I joined up with two other incredibly talented men and we formed a marketing agency, Wolf Blumberg Krody. Twenty years later, I sold my shares in the business when we were the 42nd largest promotion agency in America.

I returned to the client-side as a marketing manager at Cincom Systems and have been there since 1999 as part of a rather astounding in-house marketing agency.

Cincom has enabled Jay, Steve and me to do some exciting and outright innovative things along the way. I keep a side business (Wolf Creative) so I can take on other interesting assignments.

I am pleased about the people I have mentored as they have gone on to create successful careers. And I am happiest about what my wife and I have created: two very creative daughters, two brilliant sons-in-law and two grandsons that each know the value of love and show it every day.


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