The Perfect Customer Experience

Turning Satisfied Customers into Advocates – Dale Wolf, Editor

The Perfect Customer Experience - Turning Satisfied Customers into Advocates – Dale Wolf, Editor

Social Technology Can Boost Delivery of Improved Customer Experience

Microsoft CustomerIn 2006, Accenture began experimenting with what they called digital mirrors–technologies that interpreted behavior to cause self-improvement. For example, they could monitor your phone calls to determine how often you interrupted your caller to talk about yourself. We all know people like that, but the seem unable to control this irritating habit. But if an interrupter suspected his ... Read More

B2B Buyers Kick Your Tires INVISIBLE to you … What you can do about it!

ID-10097640 (2)B2B buyers are great at kicking the tire well before they are ready to talk to your sales team. We’re all familiar with the new fact that B2B buyers are often 60% of the way into their buying process before bringing your sales team into the process. But all along the way of getting half way to a buying decision, they are online checking you out. It’s their way of kicking the tire to see who they want to ... Read More

The Role Executives Play in Creating Successful Brands

By Juliana Davies, Contributing Author

ID-10017513Laying the foundation for a recognizable brand is often overlooked by inexperienced entrepreneurs. This despite the fact that branding is crucial to building a successful company as it has a significant impact on customer experience. Making this mistake early in the branding process can create problems that are difficult to fix, at times even leading to a businesses’ untimely demise. However, ... Read More

How to do Social Selling that also Improves the Customer Experience

Here’s the problem with B2B selling today.  Eighty percent of buyers journey through their buying process without contacting a salesperson. They know more about you than you know about them. They only need you to do a final trust check and negotiate the price alongside your competitors. There was no selling cycle. The buyer also cut herself short. By not taking the time to get to know you she has ... Read More

Content has Always been King of Marketing. It’s just Different Today.

The power of unique, quality content used to support B2B marketing strategies has been self-evident as a way of capturing audiences for over a century. But since the Internet put the customer in charge, it is now mandatory that corporate marketing departments and their agencies think more like publishers than traditional marketers. (Scene from P&G’s Guiding Lightsoap opera at ... Read More

Nothing is More Important to Marketing than Customer Context

By Dale Wolf

Context is the connector to the customer. It establishes relevance to what the customer needs or is interested in. If we deliver a marvelous experience at every touchpoint, our chances of being listened to go up rapidly. The customer experience is often both emotional and realistic. It takes research about customer needs to make sure you are capable of delivering a better experience than ... Read More

Cause and Effect of Marketing Activities

By Dale Wolf

What brings a prospect into a buying cycle? The choices a prospect makes to satisfy aspirations or challenges. To understand the effect of a campaign, we need first to understand the cause. Usually, there is a combination of offline and online interactions across various touchpoints, many of which go unrecognized or recorded. Downloading an eBook is best understood by observing the prospect’s next action. The next action might be to contact the company or to answer the phone when the supplier calls. Or the next touch might be to continue a process of research about the supplier by visiting more deeply into the supplier’s website and that of similar suppliers. It is a series of actions and reactions.

In all cases, when a prospect takes an action, there are ... Read More

Are you one of the 8% that produces sustainable growth?

Content marketing is about one thing: providing a great customer experience that helps grow your business. If the content is about anything else, it is fine art, like a diary or a painting that satisfies the artist but has no retail value.

B2B content producers are sales people who sell with concepts, words, illustrations; crafted together by a graphic designer. It is preparing the way for the salesperson to make his onsite visit with a prepared ... Read More

Experience will be positive after you establish trust and credibility

As marketing content developers we should keep in mind how our content impacts trust and credibility with prospects, clients, employees and suppliers. Words are important. Buyers are absorbing content from all sorts of places. They evaluate emotionally and rationally if our promises sound true or too good to be true. When we accomplish trust and credibility, our marketing content will drive business.

Marketing to Revenue

For over 4 decades (my how time flies), I have helped many global companies and small companies grow their businesses. One of my beliefs is that I have always worked to keep marketing and sales aligned. Marketing should enable sales. Marketing should be tightly linked to generating revenue. Otherwise, why do it at all?

Content Marketing at “Orchids at Palm Court”

Hilton Hotels knows how to use content to put their brand on the table. If you visit Cincinnati, do not miss out on this fabulous customer experience — dinner prepared by American Chef of the Year, Todd Kelly. Dinner at this magnificent restaurant in the Cincinnati Netherland Plaza Hotel is always exquisite. The dining ambiance is distinctive at this French Art Deco masterpiece and a National Historic Landmark that challenges the splendor of King Solomon’s Temple. The hotel was built in 1931 by Colonel William A. Starrett, whose previous projects included the Lincoln Memorial and the Empire State Building.