Hi, my name is Dale Wolf, editor of this online magazine. We have now posted well over a thousand articles in the past decade and about half have been viewed over 2,000 times by our readers.

Our goal has always been to help people at all companies — big and small — to learn how to provide a better experience for their customers.

The concept is simple: brands are not about advertising or position statements or taglines. Brands are about providing the customer such a delightful experience that they want to tell everyone they know that you have their needs at heart.

We have recruited a core of thought leaders who truly understand what it means to deliver a perfect customer experience.

We are all about freely sharing insights about customer experience and contextually-relevant marketing. The ideas are free to you and we hope you find them valuable in helping you lead a marketing transformation at your company. If we have helped make you more successful, then this project has been worthwhile.

Three principles are responsible for explosive growth: Contextual Marketing, Customer Experience Marketing and Content Marketing.

Contextual Marketing

What made us most successful were the best practices we developed around what we called “contextual marketing” — a data-driven direct marketing discipline that delivers more relevant customer-centric messages and offers across the customer lifetime.

Customer Experience Marketing

Contextual marketing was a discipline that enhanced the ability for companies to deliver positive customer experiences. Of late, this concept of Customer Experience Management has become the next big thing in how companies will become more successful.

History will show that thought-leaders like Shaun Smith, Joe Pine, James Gilmore and Fred Reichheld brought this concept to the forefront of what customer-centricity and contextual marketing are all about. Shaun sees the delivery of a customer experience as dependent upon three things: Customer Intimacy, Operational Excellence and Human Resources. Marketing plays an essential role in this triad, and in when done right we can deliver a branded customer experience.

Customer Relevant Marketing Content

The Perfect Customer Experience is dedicated to promoting the concepts that these initial thought-leaders brought to light. As a long-time direct marketer, I discovered long ago that relevance was the most important factor in getting mail opened. Relevance leads ultimately to customer experience. If we build organizations and marketing that is relevant to customers, the customers will find us a valued part of their lives.

If you want to email me, the address is: dalegwolf**at**gmail.com.

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