The Perfect Customer Experience

Turning Satisfied Customers into Advocates – Dale Wolf, Editor

The Perfect Customer Experience - Turning Satisfied Customers into Advocates – Dale Wolf, Editor

RSS and Podcasts Cited as Best Value in the Web 2.0 World

First, a few facts from Forrester about ROI from Web 2.0 strategies, and then my two cents worth on the findings:

According to a new study by Forrester. much of the value of a Web 2.0 deployment is incremental and "soft" in nature, and as a result, clear business value measurement remains elusive.

Despite this challenge, the 275 IT decision-makers that Forrester recently surveyed indicated that not all Web 2.0 is created equal.

Among current users, Really Simple Syndication (RSS) and podcasting show the highest average business value, while social networking and blogging show the lowest

We do find, however, that those firms with the largest number of tools deployed see the best ... Read More

New Whitepaper: The Science of Customer Service

Sykes  Enterprises is  a  family  of  global  companies  delivering  business  process  outsourcing  services  with over  forty  customer  interaction  and  fulfillment  centers  throughout  North  America,  Europe,  Latin  America,  Asia  and  Africa.

I know it’s a good company because a great friend of mine works in their communications department and she would not work there unless it was a great company.

I strongly recommend a whitepaper recently produced by Sykes: The Science of Customer Service. This is an exploration of how  customer  service,  when  ... Read More

Customer Experience Strategies Pay Big Rewards

It is sooooo hard to change a culture from company/product centric to customer centric. We all know intuitively that it is the right thing to do. But dragging all those employees and senior managers along the path to a new way of working is plain hard work. Which is probably why so many companies are still laggards.

And the laggards are paying a big price for their laziness!

A study by Aberdeen has 3 rather convincing facts that should propel every lagging CEO to initiate immediately a sharp course correction and launch a customer experience business strategy. If there are laggards within your company, they have probably seen their best days in service and it is time to replace them with people with a passion for serving customers.

Part 1: The 12 Laws of Customer Loyalty

By Jill Griffin

In 1988, Jill founded The Griffin Group, specializing in customer loyalty research, customer relationship program development and management training. Her clients range from Fortune 100 corporations to fast growth start-ups. Clients include Dell Computer, Deloitte & Touche, Sprint, Days Inn, Advanced Micro Devices, Raytheon Aircraft, Marriott, Ford and the U.S. Navy. Jill is the author of two groundbreaking customer loyalty books, including best seller, Customer Loyalty: How to Earn It, How to Keep It, which is included on Harvard Business School’s "Working Knowledge" list of recommended books.

... Read More

Customer Experience is for Every Organization

By Dale Wolf

Companies deliver experiences.

Tesco, the UK grocery chain. And Virgin Atlantic, Harley-Davidson, The Banyan Tree, First Direct, Amazon, Starbucks, Scotti’s Records, Apple Computer, Dorothy Lane Markets. These are a few businesses that have been richly rewarded for their attention to delivering a perfect customer experience – the kind that creates referral, retention and profitable growth.

Non-profits deliver experiences, too.

Consider United Way, Salvation Army and Christian Children’s Fund or an organization teaching adults how to read, or your community church. When a charitable organization fails to meet customer expectations, ... Read More

Meet My Terms or I will Leave You

By Dale Wolf

Keep in mind, now, that customers are in charge; not you. That boat has left the dock. The toothpaste is out of the tube and no one can put it back in. The war was fought and the customer won.

The new battle is over customer experience.

But to the chagrin of a large office products manufacturer the bar for earning customer loyalty is higher than any of us might want to imagine. This company does over 250,000 customer satisfaction surveys a year. To say they manage customer loyalty is an understatement! When this company did the usual survey of 5 customer loyalty attributes, they noticed an unexpected conclusion.

Customers who were generally satisfied on several attributes did not repurchase as much as those who were satisfied on all attributes. ... Read More

Are you kidding? A PERFECT Customer Experience?

By Dale Wolf

Perfection, we all know, is an ideal state — zero defects. Yes, the pursuit of perfection is a quest. Sort of "the impossible dream" search by Don Quixote. If we do not attempt to deliver perfection, we will never get there. The pursuit of perfection is a mission (in fact it is the stated mission for Cincom Systems, where I work).

But it is not enough today to pursue perfection and that is why I call this blog "The Perfect Customer Experience" instead of "The Pursuit of the Perfect Customer Experience."

Why not just set my sights a bit more realistically? Why push the story to a level many would consider unattainable?

The answer is ... Read More

Addicted Customers Getting Raves

John Todor, one of the most active guest authors on this blog, is getting rave reviews for his book, Addicted Customers. Tom Darcy of IBM calls this book "a roadmap for identifying, developing and creating the ultimate in business relationship – addicted customers." Bill Flitter, founder of Pheedo, Inc. says, "Keep a notepad by your side. This book will inspire great ideas on how you can engage your customers during the buying experience." According to Ron Tonini, CEO of Picture Marketing, "It provides powerful answers that are simple to grasp and easy to put into action."

John is the ... Read More